Best Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill

Cook’s Illustrated publishes a magazine that covers all aspects of cooking. Their pepper mill is one of their products that they cover. The Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill is a pepper mill that is made from a cast iron frame that has a perforated disk that grinds the pepper. The disk has 24 different holes that evenly disperse the pepper over the surface of the mill. This pepper mill is made in the United States of America and it is made from high quality materials. The mill is also easy to use and it has a durable design. The mill is also easy to clean and it has a Lifetime Warranty. The Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill is a high quality pepper mill that is made in the United States of America. The mill is easy to use and it has a durable design. The mill is also easy to clean and it has a Lifetime Warranty.

HOW TO CHOOSE BEST Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as different people have different preferences for pepper mills. However, some factors that may be helpful in selecting the best pepper mill include the size of the mill, the type of pepper that it can grind, the quality of the construction, and the price.

BEST Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill QUICK FEATURES

  • ICONIC PEPPER MILL — The chocolate-colored Paris u’Select pepper mill enhances the flavors of the meals that you create. Precise and even grinding are the key words for this emblematic mill by Peugeot. Engineered and manufactured in France
  • U’SELECT SETTINGS — Our patented system helps you select your desired grind. Twist to create your precise balance of flavor through six settings, from extra fine to very coarse. The two-stage grinding mechanism first effortlessly cracks and then grinds the peppercorns to the desired coarseness
  • PRECISION GRIND — Through two centuries of experience, we have expertly engineered each pepper mill and mechanism specifically for the consistency and shape of peppercorns. We make the gears from stainless steel that is finished with a patented treatment to prevent corrosion and rust
  • ENHANCE FLAVOR — The u’Select mechanism brings out all the aromatic depth of pepper by selecting the right grind for your taste. Very finely ground pepper will bring out its spice, whilst a coarser grind will highlight its aromas and flavor. Find your Peugeot moment and enjoy the art of French living with our instruments of taste
  • READY TO SEASON — Our mills come partially filled for immediate enjoyment with our Tan Hoi black pepper from Vietnam, which has woody, warm tones. The pepper is available to buy in Peugeot 6 oz. (175g) cubes. To refill, simply unscrew the top knob, lift off the top and pour in your peppercorns (max size ¼-inch/6mm)
  • Non-slip, oversized knob is easy to grip and turn
  • Long arm makes grinding easy
  • Ceramic mechanism is adjustable for coarse or fine grinding
  • Snap-on base keeps pepper grinds off the table
  • Clear door indicates when it is time to refill and opens wide for easy filling
  • Refillable Salt & Pepper Grinder Set- spice up your kitchen with a salt and pepper grinder set that is sure to pack a punch. Shakers are small in size (5 inch), large in impact. Perfect gift for aspiring cooks.
  • Grind it out- pepper grinder comes with a manual grinder, that allows you to powder your spices to a coarse or fine consistency. Salt and Pepper not included.
  • Easy clean, easy refill- these salt grinders are simple to clean and fingerprint-free. To refill, simply loosen the lid and pour in any spice.
  • Food Grade Clear Glass- its thick walls, smooth finish and gleaming glass beautifies your home and allows you to see how much spice is left.
  • Tightly Sealed Lid- the lid of this salt and pepper set is tightly sealed in order to keep moisture out and flavor in.
  • This elegant ceramic pepper grinder, looks great on your table, functional in the kitchen; it is easy to fill featuring a clear acrylic panel so that you can tell when it needs refilling, with a large capacity, 1.7 ounces of pepper corns or 4.8 ounces of salt Crystals, Impact resistent, it has Clear base to ensure proper amount used and that it is safely and securely closed. Measures 5.5 inches
  • EASY TO USE; this consistently reliable pepper mill features variable settings, fine to coarse grind, maximum approximately 1/16th of an inch, the grind is easily changed by a simple twist of the Key Grind mechanism; Turn right for a coarse grind, Turn left for a fine grind, no unwelcome pepper corns, salt crystals, or spice pours onto your meal and with the clear base measure the perfect amount, it has a wide opening for easy filling going into the grinder, not onto your kitchen floor
  • This Multi purpose pepper grinder can also be used as a salt mill, giving you a salt and pepper set, or a spice mill or dried herb grinder like cumin, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, anise and even coffee there is a non-corrosive ceramic grinder which won't absorb flavours or odours; essentially making grinding your condiments Easy and a Pleasure
  • Save money the Peppermate pepper grinder is manually operated and so has no ongoing costs, no need to be continually buying batteries, Organic in Use and a plus for the environment.
  • Complete Ceramic Grinder Lifetime Warranty We at Peppermate stand behind all our products; we are certain you will be satisfied with your pepper grinder, customer satisfaction is our priority
  • ARTISANAL EUROPEAN DESIGN: Based on a coffee mill used by early 20th-century Greek soldiers, this pepper mill includes a flanged base for stability and a durable all-metal body. A beautifully functional addition to your seasoning & spice tools. Available in copper and brass. Part of a matching salt and pepper mill set.
  • ENHANCED FLAVOR & AROMA: This pepper mill grinder breaks down each peppercorn for maximized flavor and aroma. Choose your preferred texture, from coarse to fine, with the adjustable steel grinding mechanism.
  • PEPPER MILL SPECIFICATIONS: This pepper mill is 8 inches tall, and the maximum width of the base is 2.25 inches. With the handle, the full width is 4.75 inches.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: A few simple steps stand between you and your new peppercorn grinder. Unscrew the nut at the top of the mill to remove the lid, take out the handle, replace the lid, place the handle on top, and screw the nut down tight.
  • MADE IN GREECE: Handmade and manufactured with precise craftsmanship by a small, family-run company in northern Greece. Add authentic European style to your kitchen with this high-quality piece.


The Cook’s Illustrated Pepper Mill is a high quality pepper mill that is made in the United States of America. The mill is easy to use and it has a durable design. The mill is also easy to clean and it has a Lifetime Warranty.

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